Dark Mountain Issue 11; the Ends of the World
the Modeling is featured in the XIth issue of the Dark Mountain Project book series: The Ends of the World [spring 2017]. I'm honoured to be part of this project and very happy to be able contribute to their book series. http://dark-mountain.net/

Beyond Straight Lines

editorial (from the book)

“When things get messy, people reach for straight lines. In times of confusion, the impuls to take refuge in simplicity - simple choices, simple forms of identity, simple stories - can be deeply reassuring; borders keep entities intact, not just apart. Liminal spaces and in-between zones are things to be feared and avoided. Constructing barriers, real or imagined, is part of an ancient cultural drive to divide the black from the white, and push troublesome grey areas back into nacreous realms of the subconscious where they belong [...] As old certainties unravel ever more suddenly, and with consequences that grow increasingly unpredictable, our IIth publication reflects these turbulent times as they are: uncivilised, seldom straight and defiantly unsimple...”