Expanded Performance / Interfaculty

Between 2012 & 2019 I developed several projects & performance courses for the ArtScience program. Being part of the interfaculty, these projects are obviously instructive, but they are also considered an extension of my professional practice.
In these projects, a small group of international students (BA/MA) work together under one theme, one method or technique and develop their performance in the context of a professional theatre production.
Expanded Performance was a three month program taking place in several venues in the Hague in 2012. The program was dedicated to performance art, in the broadest sense of the word. Exploring the practice of 'expanded' performance, breaking through the boundaries of the exhibition space and actively engaging the audience. For this event, I was invited by Stroom to curate a small program with works by ArtScience students focussing on this particular notion of performance art.

Above: Approximation by Ludmila Rodrigues
Below: Mag ik van Tafel?  by Charlotte ‘t Hart

from the STROOM Editorial webpage“[...] the title Expanded Performance is derived from the famous essay Sculpture in the Expanded Field (1979) by Rosalind Krauss. In this essay she describes how, against the modernist primacy, sculptures become more and more diverse, and how artists take on different positions in what she calls the 'expanded' field of sculpture. The idea of one medium with its specific set of conventions disappears. Sculptures can now be land art works, they can be temporary or ready made. In performance art we see a similar development. Performance art was, historically, the quintessence of conceptual art: the idea stood above the product and there was no end product that could be bought or sold. Only the performance itself counted. This historical fetish of the presence of both the body of the artist and the public is becoming less and less dominant. Performance art is gradually changing from an art form dominated by the creeds unrepeatable, undocumentable, unsaleable, to an art form that includes repetition, documentation and objects. This broader or more diverse way of approaching performance art is what this program focuses on and what we mean with expanded performance”

With Adrien Tirtiaux, Ruth Buchanan, Alexandre Singh, Anne Holtrop and the Studio for Immediate Spaces, the One Minutes Foundation and others. Participants for the ArtScience Interfaculty: Charlotte ‘t Hart, Ludmila Rodriques and Gaby Felten/the Department of Surplus Persons Affairs.

Produced by STROOM HCBK, in collaboration with REWIRE, het NUTShuis, Cinedans and the Royal Academie of Art (KABK). The full program can be found here. Photography and documentation by Christian van der Kooy.