Gecompliceerde Geografie

Similar to the concept of 'the world as construct' that is negotiated in the Modeling, I try to challenge our historical concept of earth's history through it’s representation in cartographic traditions. These depictions still dominate our notion of earth’s formations and continents, it's distances and uncharted territories, wether they are true or false. This makes them very suitable for my research into scientific and historic representations of earth.
Gecompliceerde Geografie #1 (detail)

The two series (the Modeling & Formation) are paired conceptually but convey a different narrative. The inspiration for constructing these images lies in the fascination for earth's complex geological structures. More images soon!

Gecompliceerde Geografie (Formation) is an ongoing series of mixed media works. The  are mounted on wooden panels and presented in closed viewboxes. The works can be viewed by looking through a set of lenses, each lens exposing a different detail.