MindBody[]LightSound; performance cycle

In the performance cycle MindBody[]LightSound I develop my ideas and experiments for the theatrical spacetime, exploring the visual connection between light and body in different spatial configurations with a strong preference for formal and minimalist aesthetics. In the performative installations MindForms (2005), RGB (2007) and Flux (2009) I experimented with two-dimensional representations of the human body through manipulations with light and color.

An important aspect in these manipulations are the limits of the observable, deliberately using the limitations of human visual system (the eye and parts of the central nervous system). In total darkness, the eyes and brain respond differently to (colored) light.
As a result, the spectator has difficulty to distinguish between shape and volume. By consciously working with these limitations, interactions between the structure of the body and human perception occur. You think you recognize something, but the image is elusive, remains ambiguous.
Hence the title Flux (MindBody[]LightSound #4) Next step in the evolution of this cycle is the adaptation of these staged experiments for the screen.

Central element in this development is an electro-mechanical machine. A proto-type of this machine was used in Flux (2009) already and is now the starting point for the 5th iteration of the MB[]LS cycle. The machine – essentially a vibrating mirror – acts as a mise-en-scene for further deconstruction of the human form. The machine abstracts the anatomy through patterns that run across the reflective surface, tearing apart the mirrored image, transforming the body into fremdkörper