MAKING ROOM | Architecture of Silence | 2011
Making Room | Architecture of Silence is an interactive installation composed from light, sound and spatial composition, in which a magic-realistic large-city environment looms, where one is urged to slow down, to reflect on background noise, to find silence in an overflow of information-input.

"At times all I need is a brief glimpse, an opening in the midst of an incongruous landscape, a glint of lights in the fog, the dialogue of two passersby, and I think that, setting out from there, I wil put together, piece by piece, the perfect city.
- Italo Calvino -

Concept Malu Peeters & Michiel Pijpe Composition Malu Peeters & Michiel Pijpe Lightdesign, video and technique Michiel Pijpe & Marloes van Son Set design Damian van der Velden Production Manager Justa ter Haar Dramaturge Andrea Dragstra

15 - 19 December 2011 (Het Veem Theater, Amsterdam)
7, 8, 9 March 2012 (Theater Zeebelt, The Hague)