This One Movement / Interfaculty

Between 2012 & 2019 I developed several projects & performance courses for the ArtScience program. Being part of the interfaculty, these projects are obviously instructive, but they are also considered an extension of my professional practice.
In these projects, a small group of international students (BA/MA) work together under one method or technique and develop their performance in the context of a professional theatre production.

This One Movement is probably the most succesful edition from this series. Both in precision and composition and in terms of collaboration and educational format.

“[...] The theater as a diorama, where life comes to a complete standstill. Visual artist Michiel Pijpe and 7 students from the ArtScience Interfaculty focus on the concept of the diorama in This One Movement. With his multidisciplinary project, Pijpe seeks the essence of the stage and looks at how the theater can be used to study all the miniscule details of life”

John de Weerd, ZAAL3/HNT

Participants: Jan Boudestijn, Liva Kalnina, Natalie Fyfe, Sunna Svavarsdotir, Mabel Calvert Verbruggen, Jorge Luis Barragan, Wen Hsuan Yu and Nina Lezaic.

 in collaboration with Het Nationaal Theater