VOLTA | Dick Raaijmakers 1995
Volta is an amplification of the experiment as carried out in 1800 by Alessandro Volta Leading to his invention of the battery. Raaijmakers's installation aims to repeat Volta’s invention, or experiment, on a gigantic scale. Thus, the audience can experience how and why the original visual quality of this 'proto-element' has been lost in favor of the efficiency of the modern battery. 'Volta' intends to recreate this lost plasticity, if only for a single moment.

In 2013, a few months before Raaijmakers passing (september 4th 2013), I was invited by Lucas van der Velden | Sonic Acts and Baltan Laboratories to re-enact this live experiment in several venues in the Netherlands and Italy. It was an honour to revisit one of Raaijmakers’ installations and present it to a wider audience.

VOLTA 2013 OPERATORSÁron Birtalan - Marit Mihklepp - Ronald Schelfhout - Roel Heremans - Ludmila Rodrigues - Nicole Urban - Charlotte ‘t Hart - Panagiotis Tomaras - Alexander Vinther - Manuel Beltran - Angela de Weijer - Marius Mathisrud and Philip Vermeulen.

The Re-Enactments took place between 2013 and 2015 & made possible with the generous support of Sonic Acts | BALTAN Laboratories | Paradiso & Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ

Raaijmakers conducted the original amplification in 1995. Follow this link on Ubuweb for more information and documentation.

Mark poster by wlfr