the Modeling; WORLD BUILDING?

the Modeling refers to a making process, driven by a fascination of not knowing, observing and reimagining. Against a  black background, a spherical object with distinct surface features is revealed.  Consisting of multiple large photographic prints, the Modeling is a growing collection of spheres, each one initially reminiscent of a very familiar world. But on closer review,  they each turn out to be renderings of a more artificial, improbable place. The primary purpose of this series then, is it's mediating role.  It is for this specific reason - the details in those spherical objects - that the Modeling can only be appreciated off-screen; standing right in front of it or, perhaps, while holding it in your own hands. Therefore, I decided to develop this object;

Tsutsumi - Every meticulously created object often changes any offering into something containing high symbolic value. The Japanese concept of tsutsumi is a very suitable testimonial to this idea. Not because of it's material vulnerability, but for its symbolic ritual; when a tsutsumi has been given, the recipients' first enjoyment lies in the quality of the wrapping. Without actually opening it, the object already suggests the significance of it's contents through the gentle and precise concealment of the packaging. Subsequently, when the contents of the object are revealed, the user cycles through a series of 'discoveries'; Each aspect of this tsutsumi - the materials, colours and technique - resemble the cycle that is required to find the desired configuration for a specific world. But the images that appear do not necessarily reproduce the original artwork. Each step a user has to perform to 'build an image' represents a very specific functionality. Functions that simulate the recording process, but that constitute the Modeling nonetheless.

Special thanks to Anthony Siemons