the Modeling                                                                                               

the Modeling. CosmiComic explorations since 2014
the Modeling
Ultrachrome Hahnemühle photo rag
160 x 120 cm
2015 - 2016 (1st generation)

Projected from a black background are spherical objects, typical round shapes that, each with their own distinct surface features are reminiscent of a familiar world, but on review, turn out to be renderings of a more artificial, improbable place.
the Modeling refers to a making process motivated by a fascination of observing and reimagining: constructed worlds that can be used as instruments for projecting capricious cartographies, geographies that reveal that dependable footholds we thought we had were never there to begin with, or perhaps more accurately, that we inhabit mobile terrain, balancing on delicate oscillations of gravity.

* These works each have a distinct surface feature to which I have attached a character code (Logogram).
These character codes operate as subset to the Modeling series.

The production of the 1st generation has been kindly supported by the Mondriaan fund and Stroom