the Seeding (2017 - 2021)

the Seeding residency project at sundaymorning@EKWC.
the Seeding prototype

3 x 20 x 72 cm
Plaster, ink, foil,
digital print



the Seeding is the preliminary phase of a project in preparation for my residency at the European Ceramic Work Centre. During the final stages of completing the Modeling I discovered several configurations I was eager to explore in future projects.For this new series, I'm researching alternatives to the artpaper print, using an image transfer technique that allows me to present the images on ceramic materials. I am intrigued by the materiality of the ceramic medium and the potential that lies curled up in it if used as substrate or surface. There is a kind of roughness in these materials that adds life to images and I am keen on exploring different properties like texture and colour to customize substrates specifically for the Seeding.